My photography interest began my freshman year of high school. I remember taking a Black and White 35mm class that changed the way I looked at light. I then went on to take more professional courses in College.  Working in a Major processing lab in Atlanta I learned hand editing and air brushing techiques. At the time everything was edited using a water color on print technique or an airbrush on negative process, I started to assist some of the pros that used our lab. I have not been able to put a camera down since. I have worked in a studio in NYC, freelanced on a regular basis in NY, NJ, CT, NH, & MA.  I started my studio in Westchester after my husbands job relocated us here in 2009. My favorite thing about photographing children is getting that perfect shot that will hold their image for all time. I think about how fast my own son is growing and I want to be sure that at each session I capture each childs precious moments. Capturing a toddlers smile, a funny face, or a newborn sleeping peacefully is why I do what I do and why I love it! Each photo session includes fully edited images, a slideshow of the fully edited images set to music, and an 8×10. I would like you to see a beautful portrait at the time you place the order. A newborn shoot runs for as long as three hours but a toddler shoot could take as little as an hour. 

My Maternity packages include:Newborn, your baby’s 1/2 year Birthday, and a Happy 1st birthday playful outdoor photo sitting. I shoot on location at a local park or in your home where your child is most comfortable. If you would like to buy one of my portraits please contact my studio



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